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Where We're Headed Next

The only thing we really know about where we're going next is that we haven't been there before. At any given time, one unvisited state has just about as much a chance as another to be chosen as our next destination. Every state sounds fun and interesting to us so trying to choose one (or two or three) for our next trip gets really difficult.

We've never actually gone to the airport, though, without knowing where we're flying (although I think that would be fun). We do have a loose process of determining our next trip and on this page we'll keep you updated about where we are in that process and which states are rising to the top. 

100-Month Anniversary Tour of New England - May/June 2018

After much hemming and hawing, we acknowledged that we felt too rushed and unsure about doing any sort of major trip at our usual time for our anniversary in January 2018. Without that normal marker, it seemed like everything we considered was a possibility, but just not compelling enough to book. We had plenty of ideas, but nothing was taking shape.

Around that time, a friend of mine on Facebook posted about her celebration of 100 months of marriage and, with a little quick math, I discovered that we were just four months from that milestone ourselves! It seemed like the perfect reason to travel and it gave us enough time to plan and save. Our plan to see New England was born!

We deliberated quite a bit about how many days we should spend there. It seemed a shame to fly all the way out there and not see all six states that make up New England. They're so small and close together! But we had never traveled for that long and it was hard to wrap our minds (and budget) around the idea of spending even a couple days in each state. We also knew two days would hardly scratch the surface of Boston. 

Finally, we decided on how many days Brandon wanted to take off work and planned from there, luckily getting an extra day off for Memorial Day and capitalizing on two weekends. It was decided that we would see as much as we could of each state in about a day and then spend a handful of days at the end in Boston - 12 days total! 

We recently got home from this whirlwind New England tour so I'll soon be posting all the details!

What's next?

After such a long trip, I'm not too eager to jump back into the planning stage for something big right now. However, my brain is already working on some good possibilities for a long weekend trip. We'll keep you posted as the next trip begins to solidify! 

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