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About Us

We're Brandon and Andrea. Our home base is Minneapolis, MN and, though we had each traveled a little prior to getting married, our first trip together was our honeymoon in New York City in 2010. We were hooked!

Our first couple years of marriage involved lots of traveling courtesy of the United States Marine Corps. Brandon served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and I took every chance I got to visit him while training in California. Following the final deployment we took an encore trip to NYC. Having made multiple visits to both of the coasts, we decided it was time to start exploring in between.


I rarely do anything without first making a list and since the more we saw, the more we wanted to see, the checklist to see all 50 was created! 

Our travel style can best be described as "See, do, eat, and learn as much as possible." Most of our trips involve spreadsheets and color-coded schedules (it's just what I do). Someday we'll do the leisurely lay-by-the-beach-and-read-a-book vacation, but we have yet to find the power to resist the temptation to add just one more stop to our adventure wherever we are. 

There's something to love about each state! Follow along as we find out what it is!


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