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Tastebuds on Vacation

I read somewhere that to travel is to eat. More than just eating to not be hungry while we're away

from home, we dive into the local culture tastebuds first, avoiding chains and often trying the most

unique, local or surprising thing on the menu. Ox tail isn't high on my list at home, but at Bully's

Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, I ate it off one of those divided lunchroom trays that I haven't

seen since high school. And it was good!


From oysters to grits, local Omaha steak to fresh caught crawfish, some of most immersive cultural experiences have been at the table. There's also the added bonus of recreating those flavors at home and reliving those memories (how has it taken me this long to learn about sweet tea?!). And if you're visiting our home state, Minnesota, we've got the goods for you too! We have a great food scene here and we're working our way through it (and hitting tons of independent coffee shops too!). 

Check this page for posts about our local dining adventures and food profiles of the states we visit. 

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