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Want to know where we've been and where we're headed next? We start thinking about our next trip as soon as we get home! Planning is half the fun so we like to get an early start on each trip by deciding where we want to go next and then researching the heck out of it to start filling in our itinerary. Check back here to see how many states we have yet to visit and to see which ones we've checked off our list so far! Click on any state visited to learn more about our time there (more content coming soon)!

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Did you recognize some of our favorite sights from the states we've been to? There are usually a few pictures from each state that I know right away we'll remember forever. Browsing our travel pics is a great way to relive the fun we've had together as we travel All50.

About Us

We're Brandon and Andrea. Our home base is Minneapolis, MN and, though we had each traveled a little prior to getting married, our first trip together was our honeymoon in New York City in 2010. We were hooked! 


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