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All50 Questionnaire - Connecticut

What did we like (and dislike) about Connecticut? Read the answers to our All50 Questionnaire to discover what surprised us, what went exactly as planned and other details that might be useful as you plan your own trip (like how much we paid for parking and where we wished we would have spent more time). We answer the same set of questions for each state independently so you'll get two unique perspectives.

The Breakers

When did you visit?

May 27th-28th, 2018

How long was your time in the state?

About a day

Why did you visit?

100th Month Anniversary

Describe Rhode Island in five words.

Brenton Point State Park

Andrea: Trees, spread out, literary, quaint, drab

Brandon: Literary, novel (pun intended), familial, historical, fairytale

What surprised you about Connecticut?

Andrea: How low key and spread out it was; there didn't seem to be much going on

Brandon: That the officials back in the day were going to tear down Mark Twain's house

What was exactly what you expected?

Andrea: The trees

Brandon: Mark Twain's study

How was the driving, roads, parking, etc.?

Andrea: Nothing too memorable; it was easy and cheap to get around.

Brandon: Average

One a scale of one to five (five being the safest), how safe did you feel throughout your stay?

Andrea: 4 - I didn't love the situation at our Airbnb (pocket door with no lock).

Brandon: 4

What was your favorite attraction?

Andrea: Mark Twain's House

Brandon: Gillette Castle

What was your favorite meal?

Andrea: Burger benedict at The Place 2 Be

Brandon: Lobster mac and cheese at the U.S.S. Chowder Pot

Where would you have liked to spend more time?

Andrea: Hartford

Brandon: Hartford

What would you do if you could go back that you didn’t do this time?

Andrea: Beecher Stowe House and Mystic Seaport

Brandon: Other Mark Twain stuff

What was an interesting thing you learned?

Andrea: About Yantic Falls (legend has it that a group of Narragansett Indians leapt over the falls instead of surrendering to another tribe that was pursuing them). Check out that mirror-like edge with the steep drop off!

Brandon: That finding family gravestones is harder than you think

What would you like to learn more about?

Andrea: The early 1900's (when Mark Twain lived there)

Brandon: The Yantic Falls/Indian Leap incident

What kind of wildlife did you see?

Andrea: Nothing that I remember

Brandon: I don't remember seeing much of any

What kind of nature did you see?

Andrea: Trees, waterfall, the Connecticut River, flowering shrubs

Brandon: Trees, the Connecticut River

What did you like least about the state?

Andrea: It was pretty dreary when we were there due to the rain

Brandon: There wasn't anything that I didn't like

Describe a funny memory from your trip.

Andrea: The Airbnb host and his interest in bitcoin

Brandon: Nothing comes to mind

Did you fly or drive?

We flew to the New England area and drove from Rhode Island to Connecticut

What souvenirs did you bring home?

Andrea: Books by and about Mark Twain, a deck of cards with authors' faces

Brandon: Rocks from Yantic Falls

One a scale of one to five (five being the most eager) how eager are you to return and why?

Andrea: 1 - the weather didn't help, but our time there felt kind of dreary and there didn't seem to be a ton to do

Brandon: 5 - there's a lot of history there that I want to learn more about

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